21 December, 2008

Sunday tea at Laduree

There was a chill in the air
when I arrived at Laduree Harrod's.
Chosing a table in the front area near the windows
I ordered Jasmine tea immediately.
Sipping quietly, I perused the menu.
I decided to splurge
and get a decadent, "full meal deal"
I started with Scottish smoked salmon 
served with salmon eggs whipped cream.
What can I say?
Very pleasant.
Would I order it again?
Yes, but after I had tried everything else on the menu.
This was followed by Salade Bonaparte.
More smoked salmon, more salmon eggs 
and a some-what weird seaweed tartare-
a double dose of Omega-3s and
Easily finished as all because the servings are petite.
I'm definitely not ordering it again.
I wasn't bad, just not worth repeating.
Lucky for me I had room for two desserts:
The Carre Chocolat and 
Saint Honore Rose-Framboise.
I will definitely order both of those winners again!
Something about the combination of the zabaglione cream
and the chocolate macaroons was so heavenly.
Their textures are complimentary 
and the variations in chocolate flavors subtle but compelling.
They were served simutaneously
so I was able to alternate between the rose/raspberry delight
and the dense chocolate.
Unfortunately, there are no words to describe the experience.
All I can do is urge you to join me on my next trip to Laduree
and share the pleasure.
In the past, I was one of those women that prefered sex to food,
but today the sensual gratification was far beyond 
any sexual experience known to humans.
To be continued... 

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