27 December, 2008

boxing day

Dear Daughter,
Watching you and your grandpa converse via skype
was like opening a lovely present beyond imagination.
Some of us dream about getting a pony for christmas,
going to disneyland or Hawaii,
or some other exotic trip or experience...
but the simple experience
of sitting in an ordinary coffee shop
in Mesa Arizona
observing you two
(three counting your brother)
is worth more than a trip to the moon.
I wish I had taped the event
but I wanted to savor each subtle shift
in your exchange. I find myself fascinated by simple experiences
which in the past I had not entirely appreciated.
Good teeth.
Hot tea.
Walking without pain.
Talking articulately.
No diapers.
All these pleasures will be gone one day-
either all at once 
or one by one.
But gone, you can put money on it.

Grandpa's place seems wonderful,
but maybe because I'm on vacation.
And everything is being taken care of for now.
I don't even feel responsible for taking care of anyone.
Or makeing anyone's decisions
or giving adice.
I'm trying to just focus on listening
to whoever is around me and myself.
It's all good practice.

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