21 December, 2008

lost in the past

I want to learn from the past 
but I don't want to live there,
so I'm shifting the domestic abuse 
material and memoirs to another blogsite.
WORK IN PROGRESS will be specifically
for material to be used in the book on domestic violence.
This will include interviews, memories, research, 
statistics, resources, references to other blogs and websites.
LOVE LETTERS will be for other pieces
on other subjects to other people.
Domestic violence is a choice.
Why do people make that choice?
Is it a lack of conflict resolution skills?
Is it a lack of awareness 
of the inner conflict that's happening.
and our projection of that into the outer reality?
My intention is that the piece is more about conflict resolution 
and mediation rather than domestic violence.
There is a piece of limiting changes or growth
in a partner to maintain status quo 
or to control the targeted partner.
I imagine one site will be darker
and this site will be more about the future 
and creating a warmer, more detached, healthier life.
A reminder of my loving intentions
and my attempts to witness suffering without judgement.
And kindness in the face of attempts which appear to be failures.
And my own determination to be in healthy relationships 
for the time I have left.

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