05 December, 2008

friend of foxes on facebook

Oh, Honey, 
How can we learn to make any decisions at all 
unless we make some stupid ones 
and some mediocre ones 
and some brilliant ones...
Personally, I have made,
and plan to make, stupid decisions, 
sing the wrong notes and words, 
stub my toe (like your Gramma), 
pack the wrong clothes 
and keep on playing with the divine process of making decisions 
which is really just about creating my life and my world of experience.
Try to remember your amazing brilliant decisions 
(there are more than I have time to list-
but tell me if you want a list!)
And, girrrl-friend, don't be kicking yourself about the decisions
you judge to be stupid. 
You and I don't know which is which,
We just know what feels good.
And which ones hurt.
The ones that hurt aren't always stupid 
but that doesn't mean they don't hurt
And vice versa...
The pleasant ones aren't always smart-they're just pleasant
Smartest thing you ever did: reach down 
to put those boots in the trunk.
How did that happen?
If you can figure that out, 
everything else will be
a piece of cake from Laduree Harrods, 
Milky Way, 
The Universe.
More later.
In the meantime, be gentle with yourself,
I love you.
I miss you.
And I'm so proud of you, 
you shining creature, you friend of foxes...

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