23 December, 2008

a mother's confession

I like Alex.
I know he's a great dancer
and makes you laugh.
But today the matchmaker in me,
was tempted to "fix you up"
with a 25 year old man from Kenya.
When I realized he was muslim
and I switched over to "fixing him up"
with Salma.
He has brothers living near you 
in the East End...
He started telling me about his girlfriend
so I wisely decided to stay out of his love life.

There are amazing people on the planet
living very simple lives,
paying their bills and driving fork lifts,
drawing blood and living in places like Fridley...
having car accidents 
and playing soccer.
Traveling to Ethiopia to see their parents.
Or Rowanda to learn how to improve 
the orphanages in Somalia.

When I'm at Access I think of my Uncle Joe
and how much he loved Somalia
and didn't want to leave.
The day came when it was too dangerous to stay.

Some days it is impossible to miss the glory in humanity.
And on those days, 
it is gratifying to be in flesh
and to participate in the dance.

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Elizabeth said...

So excited to read your beautiful poetry.