23 April, 2009

good idea?

Sometimes it's just that the weather is too distracting. And one just wants to put most everything on hold and be in the sunshine. It's winter for so long and it's so severe, then a day comes when you look out the back door and the tulips are open. And the world looks different when the tulips are blooming. And even though it's dry, and it might be a good idea to water, there are new possibilites. I haven't changed my winter tires, because it could snow, but it just doesn't feel like snow anymore...The darkness falls away and the list of "good ideas" begins to grow. And even if they are never moved to the "to do" list you don't mind because its just so much fun to imagine them happening: buying a new bike, cleaning out the garage, finishing the bathroom project, learning to speak French, having tea with forgotten friends, dinner parties, writing a book and on and on, until you are adding to the "good idea" list more frequently than crossing off items on the "to do" list. So, just for today, between working on the tasks listed on my "to do" list, I moved things around in my garden, while exploring the green shoots coming up and unfolding, searching for water. And I didn't actually unpack the garden hose, stored somewhere in the shambles of organizing the garage, but I moved the item from "good idea" to "to do"!

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