24 October, 2008

new beginnings

Dear Daughter,
You have successfully, officially, transitioned 
from Mpls to London.
And from living with Mom and Brother 
to living with lover, partner, friend, colleague. 
It appears that you have left your anxiety behind, 
at least temporarily. 
And why not permanently! 
You don't need them any longer. 
They have served their teaching purpose.

Your preparations for the journey 
were so graceful,
ditto your spontaneous restructuring of baggage items
at the suggestion of the NWA staff woman.  
I watched you float through the security checkpoint
with impressive confidence and ease. 
I think you're out of the tunnel of mis-diagnosis 
and pointless placebos. 
Well done. 

I couldn't sleep last night. 
I lay in bed all night in a twilight place
dreaming of you on the plane, tired and happy. 
This afternoon I heard your voice mail, 
garbled for the most part,
but I assume you are safe
and with Alex
and that is really all I need to know.

I miss you 
and I'm so happy you're gone 
Cold today, rainy, we move into winter.
Sweet dreams,
Your Moms

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