29 October, 2008

happy place

Dear Daughter,
Disembodied dance: music.
Nothing wrong with it,
I just get tired of "the body" getting such a bad rap
when we are so lucky to have them.
What an incredible creation!
How could we be so neurotic about this unbelievable wonder?
The thing I like best about singing is this:
it feels like I've swallowed a clarinet upside down.
I remember the first time I saw Jesse Norman up close.
Her head is HUGE
What an incredible echo chamber.
It reminds me of this old instruction:
imagine the inside of your skull as the sky.
It's like CST from the inside out.
Slowly stretching those membranes,
opening the sutures,
reconstructing the underlying structure.
And in 7 years you have a brand new, bigger head.
Much love,
Your Mamasita
PS Are you getting enough sleep?
You looked tired when I saw you today.


Maggie said...

I was very tired. It was an eventful day. But now we have our own place. I get a heavy heart thinking that you can't just pop round for a cup of tea. Im homesick. But my homesickness is masked byt the excitement of living in a big city for the first time in my life.

I had the same reaction to seeing Jesse Norman. She's short but her head appears to have the accustical capacity of a cathedral. miss u.


Jules said...

Sipping Jasmine tea
While you drink Hobgoblin beer.
Long time until June...