18 June, 2009

spa solage

The privileges of being a member at Spa Solage include free corkage and 10% discount at Solbar. But with privilege comes great responsibility. Responsibility for your own recognition and awareness of the privilege you enjoy, as opposed to the Hispanic woman bring fresh towels as you are hanging around the clothing optional hot tub drinking ice water with cucumber slices floating in the glass. The fragrance of eucalyptus wafting out of the steam room each time the door opens and someone jump into the cold plunge pool. The gratitude and the wish for everyone to enjoy the same privilege and pleasure of being totally relaxed for just a few hours. Without schedules, commitments, or a desk full of bills to be paid. The food arriving at just the right time, with just the right combination of flavors, in just the right proportions. Everything just so...and bottle after bottle of fabulous wine, including a 1975 Joe Phelps Cabernet, and the company of old friends. There are people in the world who collect incredible wines, planning to open them for a very special occasion. The wine gets older waiting for that "special time"...a perfect time. Then the wine begins to fade, and the owner re-defines his idea of special time.                


Beth said...

How lovely to know you're being so well cared for! After all of the care you instill in others...

I'll think of you tonight as I finish up a survivor memoir I mean to tell you about while drinking a glass of the best Pinot Grigio that can be had in a cardboard box (not your Cab, but nice nonetheless) and savoring one of BT McElrath's funky new mixed-flavor chocolates.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for your entry. I am currently a collector in the process of redefining my own sens of "special time" your entry is an inspiration to accelerate towards authenticity.
Love, your daughter