02 June, 2009

bryn mawr wellness collective

Open house success! Lovely party, people, refreshments and babies. What is it about community building that is so exciting? What is it about new beginnings that hold so much potential and hope for growth? In spite of history we continue to dream and grow and believe and learn.
Reaching for new understanding and releasing out-dated patterns. As I listen to my son and hear his heart-felt  concerns and recent lessons learned I am in awe. He is opening, spreading his wings before my eyes. In spite of the fact that he is living at home, he has expanded to fill the shoes of a man. His thoughtful reflections and sense of who he is and who he wants to be is rare in one his age. Of course it means he doesn't really fit in with his friends anymore. But I am confident he will find the friends he needs and the support he deserves. I am honored to be in his life and hope our relationship continues in one form or another. 
An adventurous young man, traveling easily from west coast to home. And then from east coast to home again. Designing, creating in the midst of chaos...finding friends in the most unexpected places, a kind of vision quest in spite of himself. I often wonder if I am a good enough parent, but there are times I realize the answer is right in front of me. Smiling, laughing amd going for a bike ride. And then, I let go.

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