25 June, 2009

peace out

For some of us it's not about paying the mortgage. That would be a privilege we are not yet, and perhaps may never, be blessed to enjoy. Some of us are just trying to cover our rent, and make the payments on our truck. Which allows us to work, which enables us to make the payments. It's a cycle we volunteer to participate in for as long as we are willing to carry the responsibility. We are the "other half" and when we wish to see how the "other half," the privileged half, lives, we need only to glance in the mirror. We have educations, credit scores, health insurance, libraries, and the luxury of vacations. We are employed, and some of us are small business owners. We work hard, sometimes 60 hour a week. Then we take 2 weeks off and canoe the boundary waters, or stay with friends in the Napa Valley, or Seattle or Atlanta. While in other parts of the world people struggle to feed their kids, teach them to read, or learn a skill. The only "vacation" available is unemployment. Social services are few and far between...One of the benefits of traveling is the subtle experience of groundlessness, not knowing where you are, stepping out of your comfort zone, reaching out and having to say, "I don't know where I am; am I close to the park; is this the right stop; does the bus stop here?" Recognizing our gifts, and opportunity, our success, and the people and circumstances that support the continuation of our successful encounters. 
Forever and  a day.

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