14 November, 2008

chocolate haiku

Steaming hot chocolate
in your cup tempers homesickness,
rain and poverty

Dear Daughter,
The death of your old life,
the birth of new life
this is a dance we learn 
without even being "in control" of the process.
It isn't even necessary to be conscious of the process
unless you are interested and find it helpful in some way.
And this never stops but keeps growing and changing
shifting in the light like a cat sleeping in the sun.
It's funny how we think some parts of our lives are over
and then we realize 
that they are very much still alive and working 
their way back onto the front burner.
I love that you are there with your Boyfriend
and building some history together.
And I know that things will work out for the best
with your Girlfriend
I just hope it isn't too painful...
Let's have tea together soon

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