01 November, 2008

are you a good witch...

Dear Daughter,
Cold water flat?
Dodge-y end?
Selma and Alex and you.
When I daydream about you three together
in London, England,
I remember your story 
about an image of being with Selma 
flashing through your head
as bullets were flying through the car,
past your shoulder
and shards of glass scratched your face.
I am so grateful for the boots on the floor of the car,
and your decision to reach down to pick them up
and put them in the trunk.
Brilliant, as usual, my little bird-by-bird.

I had the pleasure of referencing Glinda today 
in a conversation re Halloween costumes.
I have a massage client who could be the twin sister
of Christina Ricci,
but she's not.....
Sweet dreams
(not Voldemort)

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