18 March, 2012

Wedding update

When this site was selected, and the date was set I wondered if it was too early in the season to have an abundance of foliage and flowers in this setting. Last year this area was covered with snow for a very long time. By the same date last year there were few green tips peeking through the ice and straw. This year has been mild, balmy at times. And today the tulips are up, crocus and the snowdrops are blooming. Not just one or two, but alot and green tips of hosta are peeking through the dead leaves and straw. I imagine it will be in full blossom by the time  we all stroll down to the Knot Garden and witness them tying "the knot". Two separate, independent strings coming together, in accord, to state their intentions to explore a greater intimacy, committed to personal authenticity and a merging of families, histories and biology.  Would you take a bullet for anyone? What would you give up for someone else's dream to manifest? And for how long? What are the terms of the contract signed today with this ritual? Every marriage has it's own individuality, it's own life source and demands it's own breath. What will happen for this one? How will it evolve, expand? who will be included in it's configuration? I haven't found a dress, but I'm just not worried. It will be as it will be...It's not my day, but I will paricipate in whatever way requested. At this point, the main request is that I absent myself from the celebration long enough to attend the DFL city convention and cast my vote for the candidate selected by my daughter. What an original wedding present! This is the story of my daughter's life and passion: campaign manager, champion for social justice built on the foundation of educational equity for all economic levels. When I sat in my green kitchen on Nicollet Avenue over 27 years ago listening to my beloved daughter singing "I like to take my time and do it right..." I had no idea where our journey would take us. But I had curiousity, faith and hope. And enthusiasm. None of which has been lost.

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