11 March, 2012


It just seems like it's worth celebrating whatever happens, so I like to keep a bottle of Chandon in the refrigerator. And a bottle of Sauza next to a bottle of Triple Sec in the cabinet above stove. Fresh citrus fruits on the counter top in various stages of ripeness, and a couple of bottles of key lime juice in the 'frig. I used to add maple syrup to my margaritas but I'm cutting back on calories due to the upcoming wedding. Besides the grapefruits are so sweet you don't need the additional sweetener. The days are quieter now, more subtle shifts of mood and memory. I am looking at a ticket to Phoenix to visit my Dad His birthday was yesterday and I almost missed it. But he was still awake when I called and sounded good. He hasn't had much luck with his bridge games lately. There isn't much you can do if you don't have good cards. He is daunted by the price of gas and has curtailed his mileage for the moment, waiting until the prices drop back to a more reasonable rate. This leaves him with a lot of space for hanging out in the sun, by the pool. And reading the newspaper. His life is sedentary, like many of us, he doesn't jump out of bed and go immediately to the exercise area. He wakes up slowly, drinks a little coffee, heads out to breakfast at the Red Mountain Cafe and stops at the dollar store before climbing onto the recumbent bike. And even then, he's not focused on speed. His priority is endurance. And when he reaches his limit he moves to the couch, takes his blood pressure and drinks a glass of water. His lifestyle is easy, laid back and nothing much upsets him. His priorities have shifted. He knows any day could be his last. Celebrations, like his granddaughter's wedding, are milestones, incentive to keep getting out of bed in the morning. He does sudoku and enjoys learning new things. My kids are so grateful for his presence in their lives, he listens to them, supports them in ways I did not experience when I was their ages. And for that I am truly grateful. So grab a glass of champagne and let's drink to his continued long and healthy life! And best wishes to him for the coming year. 

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Denise Emanuel Clemen said...

And I love the idea of always keeping champagne in the fridge! Hooray for that!