17 October, 2010

Swaddling the roses

A day for deep healing:
went to the arboretum with M, to run a little,
picnic a little,
and say good-bye to the roses.
Those beauties are all wrapped up,
ready for hibernation,
yet it hasn't frozen yet
and they are all still blooming.
M compared them to swaddled babies...

A is excited about the Phoenix Marathon
on 1/16/11.
I will plan to go with him
and hope for some sun and inspiration.
He is moving out on November 1st,
not far, maybe 5 blocks.
We had brunch together this morning
at Lucia's Bakery
Not St. Honore but, decadent chocolate cake.

Until today
I could pretend winter would skip us this year
Now it's pretty obvious it has us on it's list,
closer to the top than comfort allows.
The heat is on and I will fill up the humidifier before I fall asleep.

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