24 October, 2010

Lite Bleu

Is it a coincidence that it's the same color as her first bike? I remember how she struggled to master the two wheeler, with her Grandmother's encouragement and guidance. It seemed like she would never get the hang of it, find her balance and master her fears. High expectations stood in her way. And at 26, after breaking her collarbone and 2 near brushes, she has graduated to 4 wheels and 2 gas tanks. A truck with room to spare. Imagine her, with canoe on her rack, headed for the BWCA. It wasn't an impulsive decision, there was considerable research, like a well crafted paper. Pros and cons turned over and over before falling asleep. Encouragement from outsiders, input from friends, until it became as easy as falling off a log. And once she was behind the wheel, she melted. We never forget our first car, our first truck, our first kiss. The look on her face as she took me for a ride, as she offered me her keys was unforgettable. An obstacle removed from the journey to her dreams. New responsibilities in exchange for freedom, comfort, and convenience. Another great opportunity for growth.

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