04 March, 2009

West End

Evening of the last day: Quiet, reflective. We spent time musing about our various conversations many of which were about money and living fearlessly, trustingly. And about traveling together. The places we would like to go, share, and see together. My flight out was delayed for three hours so we had extra time to commune and converse. I know as we were talking that I would miss my connecting flight and the airline would put us up in a hotel getting me on a flight very early the next day. As it turned out it was very healthful to have a night without laundry, mail opening or cleaning after crossing an ocean. The perfect opportunity to adjust to the time shift and feel a little more normal in less time. Clean sheets, and a hot bath were wonderful before falling into a deep sleep. Everything was literally taken care of for me.
It was an unexpectedly joyful parting. With a sense of having done and said enough, not everything but everything that was important, compelling. Enough.
And I think we both sensed a shift in attitude, in concept, in philosophy. A change in how we want to live our lives. In what we want to include and what kinds of experience we don't need to keep repeating anymore. Deprivation, scarcity, abuse, bullying, other experiences along those lines. Self-condemnation. 

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