06 March, 2009

Crocus song

I am life. 
I find a way. 
I am beauty unbound,
I am love unmeasured.
Nothing stops me: 
snow, dogs, 
dog poo, mud, rain, 
ice, dead leaves, 
impacted dirt, 
fog, garbage, 
people polution, 
your footprints, neglect, 
Give it to me.
I'll do my best,
and more,
because I am life.
And I find a way.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Thank you for your blog, thank you for keeping on writing, thank you for not stopping. I look forward to further entries, and to future trips with you and Alex and perhaps Adam. Please think carefully about all the things you loved about London, make a list. Send it to me and I will be able to revisit those places and things and bring back some tasty memories, i.e. pink meringues, favorite biscuits, scones, marmalade or tea and clotted cream, chocolate... We met Pat and Tom yesterday morning in Trafalager Square and had a short breakfast before they headed off to the Picasso Exhibit. We will be staying with them at the end of March. Again, send me a list of anything you and Adam want from Brussels or Paris. Alex will be going to Paris on his own from Brussels and I'll be returning home to London on the 2nd. At least we'll be able to explore Brussels together. We'll be in Paris together someday. I love you, miss you and wish you were here.