03 May, 2016

The Lady Slip-her

I slipped off trail and did not even notice. Then two nights ago I couldn't sleep and I happened onto to a facebook link which led me right back here. It was like cleaning the garage or attic ,or a little used closet, and finding treasure. I loved writing this blog: the photos, the drinks and food. And what has happened in the past three years, I ask myself? Two marriages, one birth, two deaths, growing business, newsletters and a new blog for my grandbaby. It appears that I could write for 8 hours a day and not keep up with all my hopes and dreams. And camping, and the BWCAW. The Superstition Mountain Wilderness Area. Life, I guess one might call it. And now it is May, the month of my birth. Sun streaming through the newborn leaves as I hang out on the back yard deck avoiding responsibilities and tasks necessary for the conventional reality we share. Fantasies of travel and living off the grid come to mind as I peruse the listings on "Trusted Housesitter".  Maybe....

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