05 February, 2012

deja vu, this could be you!

Recently I found myself in a local high school with a group of students and a generous supply of Continental Clay. Or goal was to create as many bowls as possible to be donated to the "Empty Bowl" fundraising event on February 9th, 2012. Overcommitment is how I normally operate in the world. Maybe its due to a erroneous belief that if I don't do it no one will... Or that I can do it better than anyone else. Or, more likely, that my value is increased by the number of projects on my calendar.  My life becomes more valuable as my skills, and experience, increase. Enlightening was the day I broke my ankle and found myself hobbling around on crutches, on pain medication. Or the day I ended up in the emergency room after a nasty cat bite listening to the ER doc tell me I would need to be admitted to spend 5 days on IV antibiotic. My enthusiasm for the empty bowl project is vast. Who wouldn't want to get involved in something like this which can only benefit everyone wishing to build more conscious communities. To include the disenfranchised, marginalized homeless and have a deeper understanding of what homelessness, and long term foster care really means. When we, as a community, abandon our kids, we all pay the price. How much wiser to pay it forward, up front, than to wait until it is a full blown disaster. 

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