20 January, 2011

run, run, run, as fast as u can

He did it! He cut 11 minutes off his best time! What an accomplishment! It is so easy to feel good about out successful "doings" and completely miss the value of our being, our "not -doing". I noticed this everytime I sat soaking up the sun in my swim suit. I felt like I should be exercising or swimming or exploring, horse-back riding, eating lovely things, buying a car, in essence: doing and getting things done. I didn't notice the sound bite on the billboard until I uploaded my photos, I was all about the man running, his hair, his joy and ease. Later I realized that parts of me which chronically hurt, didn't hurt so much and others not at all. I realized I had pretty much caught up on my sleep. And that I am chronically sleep deprived, dependent on caffine to keep me going. I relaxed deeply, and trusted that it was enough for me to just be outside, with minimal clothes, smiling at the "no-snow" parts of the trip.

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