20 April, 2010

Chocolate Fondue Chatterbox Cafe Mpls

Hot, dark chocolate ganache. served with two kinds of cookies, two kinds of bars and ripe strawberries. How do we celebrate life? How do we create joy and meaning out of trauma. Loving and letting go: how do we balance those two actions/ideas so they are one? My primitive idea about love is to protect the one I love from all everything my ego defines as unpleasant: emotional abuse, rejection, injustice, bullets, biking accidents...Yet I'm not willing to be with her 24-7 (Nor she with me) Si all I can do is be available, within reason, and be confident in her ability to grow and trust the process. The chocolate fondue celebrates the bittersweet reality of our changing relationship. When she said, "I had a bike accident", I imagined the worst case scenario. Consequently, watching her dip slices of juicy strawberry in hot ganache was reassuring. It fascinates me how each new trauma reopens past experiences. Like an almost forgotten dream or a sense of deja vu. Sharing food provides ingredients for comfort and healing at every age. It is an opportunity to reestablish a sense of security. All is right with the world and we are exactly where we need to be to experience the confident awareness of the value of our lives.

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