20 March, 2010

chocolate source

After doing a fair amount of research on the cacao industry and the sources of the beans I moved to the fair trade sources. This is one of my favorites and the Wedge coop has it in the chocolate section. The website is linked to their partners and supporters and has an appealing online shop. As a Wedge member, I get an automatic 10% discount on a case of 12 bars: my purchase for lent. I am watching the movie "Chocolat" this evening, story within the story, or stories, everything including domestic violence, children's rights, homelessness, vandalism, religious fanatics, paganism, globalization, and creativity. "Equal Exchange" also offers coffee and tea, both attractive products.

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Wedge Community said...

Thank you for posting your thoughts and for the link. The chocolate industry can be surprisingly frightful and dangerous thing, and it's wonderful that we have companies like Equal Exchange out there trying to make a difference. It's also great that we have members like you, making thoughtful and heartfelt decisions about what you buy and eat.