06 July, 2009

note to self

This bird lives in Loring Park. When it flies from tree to railing it is indescribable. The vases at La Belle Helene were covered with flying cranes and this reminds you of those vases and that magical time in your life. The bird has companions there and they are part of a larger force which may benefit, and be beneficial to you personally, and the people you hang with collectively.Their elegance is inspiring and inspired. They are not separate from you, and yet they are not you. They share in consciousness, yet they are only a part of the larger consciousness which informs our world. Think carefully before you eliminate regular physical contact with them. As we were doing qigong today there was a heart opening that was so easy, so relaxed, so sweet it would be silly to minimize it's value. And the opening carried over into the rest of the day allowing a little more relaxation and trust in my world, my whole world. And this is no small thing. Shine on, my friend, the park is going nowhere, must you abandon this opportunity for joy, for encounter? This opportunity to bathe in the  beauty and majesty of the natural word and it's creatures? And I include you, you are an integral part of nature, inseparable. Live that truth with courage and trust knowing, without question that your least desire will be provided for in a heart-beat. You are so loved. Relax for all is well. Abundance is yours.

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